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Sample album Cases
Sample album Cases
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VI / CIS Cases
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Wesite Cases
Project Time:2014-04-19 08:55:45
Project Name:
Project Time:2013-11-16 09:40:43
Project Name: Ningbo Jiangbei Dinghua Worm and Worm Gear Machinery Co., Ltd.
Introduction: This album is worm gear and worm for ningbo jiangbei China co., LTD., design and production of an album, in the design, considering its industry, used in the products of our factory in cover layout element, make its prominent nature of its industry, strengthen the industry recognition. The whole album is simple and generous, clear product arrangement, concise clear instructions, highlights the company in the production of worm gear and worm and various kinds of machinery accessories professional, tel:13566043776
Project Time:2013-11-16 10:07:15
Project Name: Shinestar
Project Time:2013-09-12 13:54:16
Project Name: Ningbo Zhenhai Jinlong Industrial Sewing parts factory
Introduction: Ningbo zhenhai Jin Longgong sewing parts factory mainly produces industrial sewing machine parts and all kinds of embroidery machine accessories, gradient key highlight with blue cover products, production parts inside according to the way of grouping, the product classification, combined with production detail figure product detail list of the parts, all key shows the products of the factory. On integral layout using a large number of products compared to highlight the product. tel:13566043776
Project Time:2013-09-12 11:09:22
Project Name: Fenghua Lishi Mingshi Car Parts Factory
Introduction: Fenghua raise Ming auto parts factory is a professional car inner decoration, all kinds of plastic products and metal products surface spray paint factory, hot stamping, pad printing and processing business, we use the blue cover, highlight the atmosphere of factory production workshop, safety, combined with the workshop equipment pictures, clear product effect pictures, highlight the factory strength and professional. The website construction, sample design, exhibition booth, animated ads, VI/CIS planning design TEL:13566043776
Project Time:2013-08-05 13:43:57
Project Name: Ningbo yinzhou cheung peak pneumatic tool factory
Project Time:2013-08-02 16:20:35
Project Name: Fenghua hin machinery factory
Project Time:2013-08-02 16:20:36
Project Name: Ningbo fish fishing gear co., LTD
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