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Sample printing design commonly used paper and specification

[2014-08-13 14:24:37]

Print each kind of various, its use requirement and the printing way is different, therefore, must according to the requirement of the use and printing process and characteristics to choose the corresponding paper.Now to publish some common use, the varieties and specifications of the paper are presented here, for design staff, publishing business personnel refer to choose. 

Typographic paper typographic paper is using letterpress printing books, magazines, the main paper.Applicable to the important works, books, academic journals of science and technology, college teaching materials, etc. The body of the paper.Typographic paper according to the paper composition ratio of different materials, can be divided into 1, 2, 3 and 4 four levels.The number of paper on behalf of the paper is good or bad, the greater the number paper the worse. 

Letterpress printing paper is mainly used for letterpress printing.The characteristics of this kind of paper and newsprint similar, but not exactly the same.Because of the pulp material ratio and knocking solution of slurry are better than the newsprint, typographic paper fibre is more even, the space between the fibers and at the same time by a certain amount of filler and rubber filling, and also through bleaching processing, this creates a this kind of paper for printing has better adaptability.With newsprint is slightly different, its absorbency, though not as good as newsprint, but it has the characteristics of ink absorption evenly;The water resistance and whiteness are better than the newsprint paper. 

Typographic paper with homogeneous structure, no fluff, elastic, slightly transparent, water resistance, slightly has certain mechanical strength and other characteristics. 

Weight (49 ~ 60) plus or minus 2 g/m2

Flat paper specification: 787 * 1092850 * 1168880 * 1092850;There are some special size specifications of the paper. 

Web specifications: width 787109 2157; 

Length is about 6000-6000 m

newsprint Also called newsprint paper, newsprint is the main paper newspapers and books;Applies to newspapers, periodicals, books, comics, etc. The body of the paper.Newsprint characteristics are: paper loose light, be full of good flexibility;Ink absorption performance is good, this is to ensure that the ink to fixation on paper;Paper after calender sides smooth, no burr, so that the two sides to imprinting is clear and full;Has certain mechanical strength;Opaque performance is good;Suitable for high speed rotary press printing. 

This paper is based on mechanical pulp (or other chemical pulp) as raw material to produce, contains a lot of lignin and other magazines, should not be stored for a long time.Save a long time, the paper will be yellow brittle, poor water resistance, should not be writing, etc.Ink must use newspapers or books inks, ink viscosity not exorbitant, lithographic when the water must be strictly controlled. 

Weight: (49 ~ 52) plus or minus 2 g/m2

Flat paper specification: 787 x 1092, 850 by 1168, 880 by 1230

Width of paper specifications: 787, 787, 1575: the length is about 6000-6000 m

Offset paper offset paper is mainly used for offset (offset printing press or other printer to print the use of more advanced color printing, such as color posters, brochures, posters, color printing trademark and some advanced book cover, illustrations, etc. 

Offset paper according to the ratio of pulp material is divided into three side, no. 1 and 2, a single-sided and double-sided, and super pressure and normal pressure light two grades. 

Offset paper scalability small, uniform on ink absorbency, good smoothness, texture closely opaque, good whiteness, strong water resistance.Should choose a better quality of conjunctival offset printing ink and letterpress printing ink.Ink viscosity is unfavorable and exorbitant, can appear otherwise off powder, hair phenomenon.Prevent the glue on the back of dirty, generally with the dirty agent, powder or clip backing paper. 

Weight: 50,60,70,80,90,100,120,150,180 (g/m2)

Flat paper specification: 787 x 1092, 850 by 1168, 880 by 1230

Width of paper specifications: 787, 787, 787:

Coated paper Coated paper, also known as coated paper, this paper is on the base paper coating a layer of white pulp, made after a calender.Paper surface is smooth, high whiteness, paper uniform fiber distribution, thickness, small scale, has good flexibility and strong water resistance and tensile property, the ink absorbency and receiving state is very good.Coated paper is mainly used for printing picture album, covers, postcards, exquisite samples of the products, and color trademark, etc.Coated paper printing shoulds not be too great pressure, want to use offset printing type resin ink and light ink.Stick on the back to prevent dirty, can be employed to prevent dirty agent, powder, etc.A single, double side two kinds of coated paper. 

Weight: 70,80,100,105,115,120,128,150,157,180,200,210,240,250 (g/m2)

Among them: 105115128157 (g/m2) import paper specifications

Flat paper specification: 648 * 953, 787 by 970,

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