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Ningbo sample production company to talk about the knowledge of printing

[2014-08-13 14:12:22]

What is the printing process steps?
A: the general component is printing prepress, printing, after printing
Early work ago printing, generally refers to photography, design, production, typesetting, the films, proofing, etc.; 
Mid middle finger printing work, by the printing press printing, picking process of finished products; 
After printing refers to the printing of the late work, generally refers to print after processing including cutting, laminating, die-cutting, paste bag, mounts, UV glazing, etc.
Q: how can print planning, should prepare what data?
Answer: print planning is according to the theme of the design, for the way of printing, size, print, paper, or printing chromatic number of the subject matter and content, process, etc., after carefully, concrete discussion to make the production process is completed, the final print out beautiful finished products.General planning should be clear before the reader object, and targeted to graphic.Can collect related industry competition propaganda materials, web sites, magazines, or foreign enterprises and their factory or product or office photos, etc.
Q: what is the production of the manuscript (electronic manuscript)?
A: on the basis of the first draft of layout planning, copywriting, photographs and illustrations, correct position with the correct color mark, etc., in electronic format, in turn, full manuscript processing, and clearly indicate various special requirements of plate making and puzzle.
Q: what is the hair piece output?
Answer: after the electronic manuscript processing need to output film output center (film), clearly indicate the output line number, number of P and color, monochrome, presence of word-formation and specification number, etc, to avoid communication error, cause needless loss.
Q: what is a prepress proofing?Why do you want to prepress proofing?
Answer: this is the last step before printing, is used after film output sample proof press played before printing, mainly check whether the color proofing is accord with the requirement of come on, have a color correction and other correction must be especially careful when using red pen to write a literal interpretation of the specific and easy to understand outline or location, right across to plate making personnel, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.
Q: how to coordinate design and production schedule?
A: on the basis of document writing, printing planning design, layout planning, etc., as well as arrange photography and illustrations drawn, with printing or design company to coordinate production schedule, so that the various elements.
Q: after printing processing refers to the process? 
A: print after processing including cutting, laminating, die-cutting, paste bag, mounts, UV glazing, using tear line, hot stamping (gold, silver), hit a bump, etc.

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