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Samples of books and periodicals printing process and post-press finishing skills

[2014-08-13 13:58:32]

Books samples of printing process and process in such aspects as improve the quality of books and periodicals, increase marketing very nervous.In some ways, both planners, publications, printing companies and customers, all depending on the quality of books and periodicals printing, select and determine the necessary printing process itself, and puts forward strict quality requirements to printing process, to get to the end the desired results.

Lithographic printing books and periodicals sample process include the following departments:

Puzzle - printing - development - wipe - baked version - plate - printing

Lithographic tension is offset printing.Now in offset printing, for example, books before sample printing process and printing, printing and post-press things to introduce.

A, prepress preparation

Prepare things: paper wet processing of the punishment, ink modulation, the configuration of the wetting liquid, a raid of plate, printing pressure debugging, etc.

Wet paper processing punishment tension is climate protection environment caused by the moisture content of paper asymmetrical paper deformation and produce static signs, this sign is absolutely restraint appeared in print.

Second, the installed version of testing-run

Before printing to a thing well done, you can install paper, plate, boot debugging.Boot operation, to feed mechanism, paper, ink device, water device, printing pressure line of modulation, to guaranteeing the feeding smooth, water supply, to ink is moderate, with suitable printing pressure, printing out high quality printing quality.After these things ready, will open at a draught, mechanical make moderate amount to ink, water supply and symmetry, in the paper the stage after add to the paper version of testing-run.If is multicolor printing or tinted, also need a set of quasi modulation, determine whether the layout position suit, graphic is skewed, barns, and the size of the anchor, left and right sides, and whether to register (as usual with straight line alignment modulation).Testing-run, alignment homework finished, started to print out a few samples, a quality of a raid.

The configuration of the ink modulation things special ink, the old practice or precedent to add some ink additives, etc.If ink viscosity is not suit, should add to improve or ink low viscosity oil;Ink dry bath sex is bad, can add dry bath agent.Adding various additives must according to the process, configuration, paper and environment temperature environment, such as the right dosage.

Plate raid everything: plate category, color of other raid, detecting the thickness of the plate, the size of the plate where the mouth raid, the raid of straight line, plate shades of raid, as well as the layout of graphic quality, presence of raid defiled, scratches, etc.

Printing pressure debugging: according to the thickness of the plate, sheet size, the thickness of rubber cloth, bags lining thickness of the material, printing process requirements, and many other factors, choose to suit the drum line, make the printing pressure suit print technology and quality requirements.

Three, formal printing

Before formal printing, add some version of the paper, a version of the paper after the seal to the counter to zero.Printing will often hold sampling in a raid, carefully water water change, printing ink, rubber, plate printing resistance force of change cloth clean environment, as well as the printing machine oil supply, gas supply condition and operation is normal, etc.

Fourth, India post-processing punishment

A day after the printing, or each batch up is completed, will be held this punishment after printing processing, its contents include: ink fountain, ink roller, water roller, rubber cloth, embossing roller clean, plate, image processing, punishment and printer maintenance, etc.

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