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Printing ERP selection guide

[2014-08-13 13:55:53]

Follow the same principle, on the steps.But printing industry's unique business model, and the characteristics of the industry, making printing ERP software of choose and buy some special matters need attention, in order to better adapt to the industry's operational needs.In this selection guide, we try to analyze the various stages in the process of ERP software selection and level, at the same time, combined with some characteristics of the printing industry, for the printing industry users choose ERP products provide beneficial guidance.
1. Run: to determine the selection of base frame
Enemy and know yourself, friends first, only deeply analyzes and summarizes its own demand, to lay solid foundation for the ERP selection.In fact selection by the combination of many factors, including the core objective of choose and buy of ERP system, the length of the earnings period and the relationship with the existing information system, can be put into manpower resource, etc., made clear of these factors is very important, these problems restrict the selection of all subsequent decisions.

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