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VI / CIS planning
VI / CIS planning
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      〖chuang yuan  (enterprise marks) brief introduction〗

      Enterprise sign (Logo) is used to represent the enterprise image refers to the unique, and a far-reaching influence design, is the enterprise image the most core tache in enterprise image recognition,   application all the process related to enterprise image .
      Because of enterprise mark`s special status, if want to make a good  brand effect, we must have a sign very can let all the recollection ,   and can leave a deep impression in the customers , not change at will, therefore whether design a logo or not with connotation, culture, facilitated to recognition , and establish the relevant application system ,related to enterprise long-term development and market acceptance, cannot be overlooked. 

      〖chuang yuan  views〗

      The most basic and  complex in visual image recognition system is logo design, small enterprise brand logo looks  like simple, actually is hide a lot of "mystery", also, because mark is basis of VI system , the combination design of the color, shape will have a  far-reaching influence for the whole VI system. Therefore enterprise brand logo design is the most needed part  of visual image recognition design. A good logo can  brings enterprise  tens of thousands of consumption repeat customers a year, also  added enterprise intangible assets. Let  enterprises  have double income, also see a lot less crazy advertising investment, join us can spend the same amount of advertising investment,but  twice the result with half the effort!

       Mark is divided into three types: one kind is word mark, such a sign in general is a simple enterprise name,with addition of  several changes, integral style is simple, momentum; The second is design mark, this sign in general constitute by Some symbolic design or corresponding abstract patterns, lines of a company or enterprise  industry  owned , of course, need high requirements of the audience aesthetic standard; And the third way is designand words logo, general is a deformation combination of words will design and words  to form a intergrity,  such logo also common existed  in all kinds of enterprise, at the same time as the auxiliary illustrate of words , there be more facilitate to  understanding and memory. chuan yaun think, three types of mark have  no special demarcations, therefore it is generally based on actual demand as the core.

       In the concrete process  of design, chuan yuan normally will design several completely different style for customers , as a  preliminary design, for each designed symbol , chuang yuan can have his own interpretations, then listen to understand customers' opinions, eventually selected a paragraph to elaborate carve as a corporate logo design finalized scheme.



      CIS/VI system

      CI System (Corporate Identify System) namely enterprise image recognition System,used for unity and improve enterprise image, make enterprise image shows conform to social values requirements side, enterprise must carry out its image management and image design.
CI design system regard  based on business positoning or business enterprise management as the core, proceed include the enterprise internal management, foreign relations activities, advertising and other with visual and audio as the means of publicity, to all aspects of organization, systematic and integrated design of unity, strive to make the enterprise all in this regard a kind of unity in the form of social public appeared,for producing a good enterprise image.

       CI as enterprise image integration design system, is a kind of establishand convey corporate image `s complete and ideal method. The enterprise can through the CI design for its office system, production system, management system, and business, packaging and advertising system design and standardized management standardization of formation, thus to arouse the enthusiasm of enterprise each staff member enterprise development strategy and participation. Through the integration of symbolic form to divide enterprise responsibility and obligation, make enterprise management in the functional departments effectively operation, establish the distinctive character image, make the enterprise products distinguish with other similar products and  stand out in our industry ,quickly and effectively help the enterprise creates the brand effect, occupy the market.
External communication forms, is to use the media as a unity of social public launch, make the public accept enterprise largely spread information, set up the good enterprise image to improve enterprise and the product awareness, strength social public enterprise the memory of image  and subscription rate of the products , for enterprise products bring better social efficiency and performance.

      chuan yuan will always services for more customers  , creating value and improving image.

      VI concept: visual identification

      VI is a system is a  systematic visual expression launch integrated by marks, standard word, standard color as the core .convert enterprise idea, enterprise culture, service content, enterprise standard abstract concept  to specific symbols, shaping a unique enterprise image. In CI design, visual identity design has most spread and influence ,and public accepted most easily,  which has important significance.

      VI system:
      A. basic elements system: such as enterprise name, logo, enterprise model, standard word, standard color, symbol design, propaganda, etc.
      B. Application system: product modeling, office supplies, corporate environment, traffic tools, apparel, advertising media, signs, packaging system, business gifts, display and print publications, etc.

       The main content of a set of VI design :

     I. basic elements system

A. mark

B. standard word

C. standard color

D. mark and standard word combination.

     II. The application systems

A. office supplies: envelope, letter, memo, name card, badges, employee's card, invitation, folder, references, his ticket, memos, material bag, the document forms, etc.

B. enterprise external building environment: the architectural modeling, company flags, enterprise appearance, enterprise placard, public sign, signposts advertisement tower, neon signs, advertising, garden beautification, etc.

C. enterprise interior architectural environment: enterprise internal departments sign, common sign, floor sign, corporate image brand, flags, billboards, POP advertising, shelves scutcheon.

D. traffic tools: cars, vans, bus, lorries, vehicle, a tanker, ships, planes, etc.

E. clothing: manager uniform and management personnel in uniform, staff uniforms, etiquette uniform, shirt, tie, working cap, buttons, badges, badges, etc.

F. advertising media: television ads, magazine ads, newspaper ads, advertising, billboard, poster advertising, etc.

G. product packaging carton packaging, paper packaging, packaging, wood, glass containers packaging, plastic bags, metal packaging, ceramics packaging, wrapping paper.

H. official gift: t-shirts, tie, necklaces, lighter, the key licensing, umbrellas, mementoes, gift bags, etc.

I. display: window display, exhibitions, shelves commodity display, display commodity exhibition, etc.

J. prints: enterprise introduction, commodity manual, product introduction, calendar, etc.

     CIS is the abbreviation of Corporate Identity System  , mean enterprise image identification System. The main meaning of CIS:  unified design corporate culture and management, use whole expression systems (especially visual expression system), convey  to communicate with the public enterprise interior of enterprise, make its produce consistent identity, in order to form a  good enterprise impression, eventually promotes sales of enterprise products and services .

     The specific part of CIS, MI: concept identifying BI: behavior identifying VI: visual identification

     meaning of CIS : internally, the enterprise can formed astandardized design and unified management through the CI design for its office system, production system, management system and marketing, packaging and advertising propaganda image , Thus arouse every staff the enthusiasm , belonging, identityof enterprise ,making each department do their duty, effective cooperation.
      externally, forming a unique image through integratic symbolics , facilitate the public identify and recognize enterprise image, promote enterprise product or service promotion.

     CIS concreted components:

     First, CI is a is clearly cognitive enterprise concept and enterprise culture activities;

     Second, CI is tool of communication of enterprise concept and the enterprise culture by signs and standard word .
In other words, CI system is made three aspects of MI (concept identifying Identity), BI (Behavior identifying Behavior Identity), VI (Visual recognition Visual Identity) . In the three constitute of  CIS,  the core is  MI, which is the highest decision-making  , give thewhole system  a theoretical foundation and the code of conduct, and express them through the BIand VI . All the activities and visual design are around center MI to launch, and successful BI and VI is to express accurately  the unique spirit of  enterprise.

     MI: concept identifying

     Enterprise concept, internally influence the enterprise decision-making, activities, system, management, etc., externally influence enterprise's public image, advertising, etc.
     The so-called MI, is to  establish enterprise management idea, the enterprise to the current and future for certain period`s  business objectives, management thought, mode of operation and marketing state planning and define.

     MI mainly include

     The spirit of enterprise, the enterprise values, corporate culture, enterprises creed, management idea, management policy, market positioning, industrial structure, organizational system, management principle, social responsibility and development planning etc.

     BI: behavior identification

     A BI in the middle is  dynamic identification system formed by the unified planning of enterprise operation mode, directly reflect  enterprise idea character and particularity ,  is the standards of enterprise practicing management idea and creating enterprise culture.
     includ internal  organization management and education , and external public relations, promotional events, funded social cultural activities, etc. Through a series of practical activities promoting spiritual essence of enterprise concept to each corner  , gathered the great spirit strength within employees  .

     BI include the following content

     Internal:organization system, standardize management, behavior standards, education, education, worker cadres working environment, production equipment, the welfare system, etc.

     external: market research, public relations, marketing activities, circulation countermeasures, product research and development, the pro bono, culture activities, etc.

     chuang yuan`s specific design on packing are as follows:

     There are two main functions of packing: first is to protect the products; Second is the beautification and promotional products , improving product image. Basic task of Packaging design  is to complete scientifically, economic product packaging modeling, structure and decoration design.

     (1) packaging design

  Packaging design also name form design, most refers to  the modelling of container. It uses aesthetic principles, through the change of  form, colour,  express packaging function and appearance beautiful modelling with visual form. Packaging containers must be  reliably to protect  products, and  have excellent appearance, also needs to have adapted to the economy, etc.

     (2) packing structure design

Packing structure design is start from  packing  protective  convenience and reusability etc basic functions and actual production conditions, conside basied on   principle of packaging science exterior and interior structure design . A fine structure design, should take effectively protect commodities for primary function; Secondly should consider using, carry, display, loading, etc; the convenience Also try to consider can reuse, can display inside outfit thing, and other functions.

     (3) packaging decoration design

Packaging decoration design based on design, words, color, relief and other art forms, outstanding the product features and image, and strive to modelling delicate designs, color is clear, bright, adornment, text and beautification product, in order to promote the sale of our products. Packaging decoration is a comprehensive science, is not only a useful arts, also a  door engineering technology, is the organic synthesis of crafts and engineering technology , and may consider the marketing, consumer economics, consumer psychology and other disciplines.
An excellent packing design, is organical unification of the packaging design, structural design, interior design , three is the only way to fully play the role of packaging design. Moreover, packaging design is not only related to technology and art these two academic field in their respective fields, it also involves many other related disciplines within, therefore, to do a good packaging design,  need a lot of knowledge accumulation, and then a plan to come out . Please telephone to understand detailed :13566043776 Mr Han.



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