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About Chuang Yuan

         Nignbo chuang yuan advertising is an advertising service company of internet and plane design, which found on precise and directional brand visual identification design and network marketing technology. We committed to the brand planning, graphic design and the Internet advertising comprehensive services through the Internet,  help enterprises spreading its advertisement and enterprise image accurately to customers, and is the currently most dedicated and professional industry  leading company in Internet advertising service and  plane planning design in ningbo city. 

         Ningbo chuang yuan is one of the domestic companies owned most Internet advertising technology and media resources, include website construction, enterprise E-commerce  and promotion, site optimization, website alliance, Google, yahoo search engines, web portals and comprehensive Internet advertising resources. And offer business analysis, creative activities, image planning,  advertising all-round services,etc.
we have a senior team more then 5 years experience in technical service of Internet advertising ,Strong technical service is the core of ningbo chuang yuan advertising. So we can directly establish a one-on-one relationship with customers and provide timely and high quality Internet advertising service.

          Nignbo chuang yuan will constantly in pursuit of excellence, let Chinese enterprises enjoy the easily development of the network marketing and image promotion whenever and wherever by relying on professional and high quality services, extending opportunities and dreams to all over the world.
          wisdom of Chuang yuan-- lead your future wealth through Ideas and strategies

          Pay attention to integral layout and pay more attention to detail, carry out your plan perfectly by our worship of  delicate and perfect 

         Who is chuang yuan?  Creativity + art+ profit= chuang yuan

         1.chuang yuan is a service team focus on enterprise brand vision image and new media  technology. The company`s current core business is samples album, web design, VI design, packaging design, logo design and the network popularization, the website optimization.

         2.Chuang yuan is a 5 years  professional planning design corporation,with customers in
 Machine manufacturing , foreign trade, clothing, real estate, advertising, education network etc.

         3.chuang yuan advertising now has 10-20 staffs, included design department, sales department, hr administration department.

         4.Chuang yuan has years of experiential designers, the team possess rich comprehensive design and performance ability.

         5.chuang yuan i s a advisor, we will seek the core value of the brand together with customers, then provide the right strategy advice.

         6.Chuan yuan is an idea man, who make customer`s brand lifelike, unique and extraordinary

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