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1、how do you find our website WWW.CY-AD.COM?
You are through baidu and GOOGLE, search engine to find us SOSO, etc? See if we ( in terms of search engine rankings every search for situation: that day, there will be variations in the rankings with the ranking may be a small error) data
Search:ningbo website construction Search:Website construction Search:website construction company Search:ningbo website production
Baidu rankings:the first page 1st        
Google rankings:the first page top six Tencent rankings: the first page before 3 hundred                  Sogou rankings:the first page before 3 hundred                     Bing:first page should be ranked as the top three
Yahoo rankings:the first nine
Baidu rankings: the first page 2 
Tencent rankings:the first page 1st 
Sogou rankings:the first page first five
Baidu rankings:the first page 2 
Tencent rankings:the first page 1st 
Google rankings:the first page 1st
Sogou rankings:the first page before 3 hundred


Google ranking:the first page 1st

Now, you should clear, why liyang network coorperate with so many customers and provide website construction service?
The primary reason:a lot of customer, can pass the search engine to find our website (;
Second reason:we focus on website construction service to customers is bring optimization function of "fine website", we truly professional, we use case to speak.
2、what is the search engine optimization (SEO)?
A 、namely, search engine optimization, in recent years popular for the network marketing methods, the main objective is to increase the specific keywords exposure to increase website, and increase sales of visibility of opportunity. It is a technology can make a web site in the search engine ranking position . Through the search engine optimization service provider to the search engine's understanding, then perform site users analysis, page optimization, data control, make its improve your search engine ranking, thus improve site traffic, finally enhance website sales ability or enterprise brand awareness
B、why enterprise sites need to SEO?
The first site visits source is the search engine. Search engine is so far the user the main approach looking for information, products, services, and the main way, nearly 90% flow of website from search engines. Search engine optimization as web site a way of pushing wide than other forms of online or offline marketing mode is the return on investment for the best;
C、 baidu phoenix nest plan SEO market prospects As the overall implementation of the phoenix nest, baidu search results will be left fluctuation each have 3 sponsored links, the original bidding customers moved to the right. But the easiest thing in the Internet industry is to cultivate internet users behavior custom, the hardest thing is to change the user behavior, let the future of internet users a new Internet will accept the right promotion information is very easy, hard to 3.3 billion in the current baidu users to change and recognition. Baidu these changes may promote gains for future produce very big effect, also could encourage the aims at baidu optimization behavior, this will also outbreaks there are many enterprise benefit SEO market!
D、difference between search engine optimization and bidding advertising
Project name  keywords for advertising SEO search engine optimization
Property search engines provide advertising improve their natural searchrankings after web design
Billing pay-per-click  fee in periodic way

Pay can show
Daily consumption amount can be clear control
Flexible may at any time better keyword
According to bid high display

Natural search results
Cost is for low
Establish enterprise brand
Auxiliary keyword get ranking ascension
Ranking stability is good
Disadvantages Easy to rival malicious clicks 
Click on the more advertising    
more consumption
Need time to get good natural rankings
Keyword position cannot in a specific 
controls in place (conventional top10)


The first pa ge 90%
The second page 4.37%
Page 3 2.42%

CPC cost-per -click

the more Click, the more Click on how much expensive advertising cost unchanged
Third ,which can chuang yuan SEO bring for you

1 ,E nhance your site's ranking ,and let your competitors will be far behind. P ut your enterprise in the most competitive position, reflect your company brand and strength;
Customer generally thinks , row in before position search results show the company has more strength .
2, improve your web flow to bring you potential target customers;
Optimize your keywords with the core value and design attractive AD message for you.
3, C ut your advertising input costs.
If you are in baidu dropping a core keywords, this keywords monthly clicks are 1,000 times and as baidu average, then click charges $2 / times caculation, you need to put in 2000 yuan a month, a year needs input 24,000 yuan. In fact you have far more than one core keywords, your click number are also far more than 1,000 times, and the average click once also cost is far more than 1 yuan/times. but in this process the liyang technology can save more than 90 percent of the costs for you, and, you needn`t to pay any fees for each click, you also no longer need to control every promotion budget, your site will also 24 hours online.

Four, SEO service of chuang yuan

1, website industry analysis and analysis of competitors;
2, website diagnosis;
According to large quantities of data analysis and industry index of the website, summarize a series of questions to you.
3, keywords analysis;
Custom site keywords strategy (also can provide by your core keywords), analysis keywords of site industry , positioning page.
4, website optimization planning;
Combined years summarized index custom site optimization scheme.
5, implementing or provide solutions implemented co-ordinately;
Direct implement or give training and cooperate with customer technical, edit, design implementation.
6, website optimization maintenance (long-term maintenance);
Provide sustainable long-term website optimization scheme for relevant personnel long-term execution.
7, website periodically evaluating.
Regularly analysis for website after implementation effect , and provide report.

Five, advantage of the chuang yaun SEO

1, professional: the professional industry knowledge: as Google China and baidu SOSO`s core partners, we focus on Internet foundation application and search engine marketing services, is the largest area of ningbo search engine marketing services, chuang yuan technology possesses rich search engine marketing experience and resources; A professional team: we have a professional SEO team, they have mature website optimization experience, they committed to provide users high-quality optimization service allows you to search engine marketing plan become more mature and perfect.
2, trust: chuang yuan has founded five years, obtain countless honorary titles,service for more than 3,000 customers , is the famous domestic company of Internet application, network consulting services and Internet software developers.
3, service: liyang technology carry with the vision "do the best technology search engine service provider" , holds "creating value for customers" business philosophy, advocate cultural spirit of "the mission, responsibility, honesty and beyond, and gratitude ".
4, price: chaung yuan put the interests of science and technology in first forever,compare to nonstandard SEO market, we have " ireasonable price, effect protection," without effect a full refund.  

Six, SEO project service plan price

SEO service plan: by us help you or provide core keywords by your analysis , we will do these keywords and baidu home maintenance to ensure long-term effects, it'll save you 90% promotion expenses.
Note: do not accept the lotto, lottery, cheating, fraud and harm the interests of others optimization service, MMS game keyword also don't accept .

Baidu left optimization ranking charge

Keywords type keywords competition level correlation quotation(yuan/year/keywords) effect rankings (if any bids, the smooth push)


The keyword search results within 300 thousands


3000yuan up
Ranked in the top 10
Ranked in the top 10
Ranked in the top 10
Common Search results for 300 thousands to 1 million low
6000yuan up
Ranked in the top 10
Ranked in the top 10
Ranked in the top 10
Frequent Search results for 1million to 3 million low
8000yuan up
Ranked in the top 10
Ranked in the top 10
Ranked in the top 10
Popular Search results for above 3 million low
10000yuan up
Ranked in the top 10
Ranked in the top 10
Ranked in the top 10

The following left optimization rankings circumstance do iindividual:
A) keywords hot or related competitive is too high;
B) Requiring specified ranking position;
C) the other special requirements of customers , need further consider ranking offer left optimization.
Note: the above price is for reference only, the final prices should be assure ( by us detailed assessments .

Refund secur ity
Serial number

refund safeguard

1 keywords don't online a full refund!
Seven, give us a few months, you will find your site has earth-shaking changes:

1, greatly enhance of the keyword search rankings
2, greatly enhance of website effective flow
3, greatly enhance of website orders success
4, greatly reduce of the cost of website promotion
5, greatly enhance of network brand awareness  

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