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Web design process
Web design process
Graphic design process
Graphic design process


  Process of website design

       Reached an agreement through mutual friendly consultation  , paid in advance, and make the following procedures:

       < 1 >, collect the material and the required documents 

       Web site planning personnel prior analysis the subjects , and analysis  the functionality of the site conditions, positioning and preliminary columns planning description. Then according to plans to gather relevant information.

       Group discussion meetings —— analysis web site and function —— mainly responsible for signature —— come into force and print documents

       < 2 >, print a copy of design scheme for to each team member  , and began to design personnel design work.

       According to the planning document and website design specification, the main design personnel start to the home page design.

       Team leader  determine  the design process time and send task list ——main designers began to design —— submit audit —— main principals signed after pass

       < 3 >, according to the website of the mode and characteristic and the website production standard then carry out the appropriate standards style

       Chief officer customize standard style with planner, mainly  website production personnel  —— print a copy to each team member

       < 4 >, designer processing  for secondary pages design work

       According to web design specifications and standards style—— determine whether the design process time and send task list by the team leader—— main designers began to design work——submit audit —— main principal signed after pass

       < 5 >, production person  began to work

       According to web design specifications and standards style - determined by the team leader of the production schedule time and send task list - main production staff  began to content construction work -   cooperate personnel to coordinate work with procedure respect - submit audit -main principals signed after pass

       < 6 >, program development stage

       All staff  start with the procedural modification work of  page

       < 7 >, complete

       Web site planning staff backup all relevant website of  files and the original program , and write a web tracking report.
illustrate  the use  of human resources from beginning and completement of website construction work and implementation conditions

       < 8 >,The  QA department began to test 

       + principals  including all participate in charge of the project site, each principals should audit  and signature.
       + all staff must be finished within the time when in  prescribed work and unable to complete work on the right to assume certain responsibility.
       + anyone can`t use any reason to modify page design workin principal after passed by principals ,  except special circumstances.
       + web site planning personnel must timely tracking website construction and recorded. Arrange task process.


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