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      Exhibition poster design: exhibition poster, mainly used for propaganda of exhibition ,
      Often distributed in the streets, cinemas, theaters, exhibitions, business downtown, station, wharf, parks and other public places. It has spread       information function, extensive contents, rich artistic expression , strong far-sighted effect  .


      1, purpose of this poster ?

      2, the target audience ? 

      3, their way of acceptance? 

      4  what about product posters of other industry type  ? 

      5,  reflect strategy of this poster? 

      6, creative points? 

      7, expression? 

      8, how to  combinate  with product ?

Key elements:

1, full visual impact, can come true through images and colour  . 

      2,succinct content of the poster , grasp the main appeal points . 

      3,  not too much content. 

      4, general with pictures priority, subsidiary copy. 

      5,  eye-catching of theme font.


      1. Posters must specific truly indicate activity place, time and main content.  Paper can use some motivational word , but not to exaggerate .

      2.  Posters words requires to short and concise, dapper length.

      3. Posters format can do some artistic processing, in order to attract viewers.

      1. size of poster design

      Posters put up in public places, will interfered by environment and the others factors, so must use the big picture and prominent image and colours show before people. The screen size have full open, folio, thirty open and extra-large frame (eight full open), etc.

      2.strong Farsightedness 

      In order to make the  hurried people leaved  vision impression, besides big  the poster ,meshki saed  still need fully embody positioning design principle. With outstanding trademark, marks, title, graphics, or comparative and strong colour, or large areas of blank, or succinct visual process to make posters poster become visual focus. Poster could act with advertising good characteristic.

      3.high Artistry

      In its intergrity of poster, it  include commercial posters and non-commercial poster .

      Among them ,the expression of  commodity poster forms with specific artistic expression photography, modelling realistic painting or comic form is given priority to, give consumer  real emotional pictures and rich humor  to experience. It is  non-commercial poster, extensive content, various  form, and  rich artistic expression.  Especially the posters of culture and art, can  according to the poster advertising theme can imaginate Cong points, with fully display art means. Many painters of the pursuit of formal beauty  join in positively the poster design, and use their own paintings language in the design , work out  posters a style of uniqueness and various forms .


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