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  Record round of packaging design as follows :
  packaging major role is twofold: First is to protect the product; second is the beautification and promotional products, improve product image. The basic task of packaging design is scientific, economic, complete packaging shape, structure and interior design.
  ( 1) Packaging Design
  packaging design, also known as physical design, most of them refers to the container shape. It is the use of aesthetic principles, by shape, color and other factors change, will have a packaging function and appearance of the U.S. container shape, the visual forms. Containers must be able to reliably protect the product, you must have good appearance, need to have to adapt to economic and so on.
  ( 2) packaging design packaging design
  from the protective packaging, convenience, reusability and other basic functions and production of actual conditions, based on scientific principles to the packaging of the external and internal structures derived from the specific design considerations. A good design, should be effective in protecting the primary functions of goods; Secondly, we should consider the use, carry, display, shipment and other convenience; can also try to consider reuse, can display the contents and other functions.
  ( 3) packaging design
  packaging design is based on images, text, color, relief and other art forms, highlighting the characteristics of the product and image, and strive to sleek, innovative designs, bright colors, sharp text, decorative and landscaping products to promote product sales. Packaging and decoration is a comprehensive science, is both a practical art, but also is an engineering technology, arts and crafts with the combination of engineering technology, and consider marketing, consumer economics, consumer psychology and other disciplines.
  A good packaging design, packaging design, structural design, interior design of the three organic unity, the only way to fully play the role of packaging design. Moreover, the packaging design is not only related to technology and art of these two academic fields, also in their respective areas involved in many other related disciplines, therefore, to do a good packaging design is the need for a lot of accumulation of knowledge, and then planned out . To learn more, please call: 13566043776 Mr. Han
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