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    Ningbo Chuangyuan publish various types of domestic advertising advertising agency, logo sign making, door making the first billboard, light box door head production, organic sculpture products, LED display production, inkjet photo production, large outdoor tri-vision billboard, events planning , exhibition services, rolling light box, LED single-color full-color display, LED lighting lighting city buildings, resin LED luminous characters, the environment identification card guides, large format screen printing, acrylic products, ultra-thin light guide plate light boxes, digital printing photo sculpture, light box, the image of the shop interior design and construction and so on. The company has specialized production plant. With multiple large production equipment, powerful production strength and construction strength. In recent years, companies in the outdoor advertising, scrolling light box, LED display and production of optical identification impressive. Produced a large number of garden area, business office hotel. The identity of schools and hospitals and lighting project.

    Ningbo record round in good faith and responsible entrepreneurship, the company is committed to build a bridge of mutual trust, continue to pursue advanced professional philosophy, enterprising, active and innovative, to create a good core values \u200b\u200band spiritual wealth. Company focusing on modern scientific management and brand building, and continuously improve service quality, customer satisfaction, exceed customer expectations. Ningbo will continue to make unremitting efforts to create a round, to make the best products dedicated to the market, and is willing to work together with like-minded people in, create brilliant tomorrow.

  Ningbo record round will continue to strive for excellence, with high-quality professional services to Chinese companies at any time, any place, can easily enjoy the image of online marketing and promotion, business opportunities and dreams will be extended to all over the world!

Chuangyuan wisdom - and strategy leader with a creative future

  Focus on your overall layout of wealth, more attention to detail, exquisite and perfect our worship your perfect execution warfare program

Create round provider who is? Creativity + Creative + Trony = Chuangyuan

1, The highest circle is a brand dedicated to the visual image and new media technology services team, currently the company's core business is the sample pictures, website design, VI design , packaging design, logo design and web promotion, web site optimization.

2, The highest circle is a five-year planning professional design company, customers include manufacturing machinery, trade, clothing, real estate, advertising, education, networking and other fields .

3, The highest round advertising The company number of 10-20 people within the company by the design department, sales department, the Department of Personnel Administration component .

4, Create circle has rich professional designers, the team has a wealth of comprehensive design and execution.

5, The highest circle is proponents, and customers to explore the brand's core values, given the right strategy in .

6, The highest circle is a creative person, so that the client's brand to life, see See, feel unique and different.

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