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 How to design a good album

       A good business album or samples may show enterprise strength,  setting up enterprise brand, attract more attention, conquer customers; Meanwhile show staff's cohesive force and heartfelt pride and mission! We design brochures or sample not as art, but the sword of marketing, brand benchmarking, we only  do the actual effect,and  have marketing value  album or samples. Now business album or sample is already an important tool of  organization institutions and social system, for display in the market publicity materials play a critical role. To make enterprise bigger and stronger - - - - - - - - - - - you should do business catalog, samples, highlighting  image as the company's intangible assets. our professional for ambitious enterprise custom album and  sample design -chuang yuan advertising.

       A. First build structure most can reflect the company strength 

       The picture album or sample structure design is a very important, like a swish building need unique design the same. If without  a very good creativity and innovation, no matter how good  the album or sample  do photography and design and printing is , even can`t  attract customers and social  friends from all walks of life, harder to give somebody else impressed, also is like that of a man very handsome , but a little vigour , or does not cause people to enjoy. These similar to constructions or buildings, the building looks are not attractive eyeball, also won't  interested someone to know internal, even decorate and  facilities and won't  talking about trade with someone!  We chuang yuan thinks, the enterprise  should fully assess their advantages and disadvantages in making the picture album or samples  and what are the good opportunity on market, etc. That is to do a thorough SWOT analysis, then devise a most  organization  can reflect the company's overall strength, and this organization can  good avoid company's weak and inadequate.

       For example, when i am doing a planning ,i will build  the structure with characteristic concept  of album  and layout of the goods, show company  abundant strength for setting  basis of  the market. 

       B. Select the material  closely related with the idea

       Fact  is that every  enterprise have "own enterprise philosophy", or hang out, or printed on the album,or display on the internet  , but a majority of them are just possess this  "enterprise idea," but not  use it in  the actual behavior,then becoming a hypothetical slogan. We do business catalog or samples and so on , all hope everything is real occoured  in the company , so that they will be more persuasive , and find theme and concept photograph echo, so it can let customer be  impressed. For example, the haier, punched all unqualified refrigerator , not  sell to customers, which is a very good case. So when  in design, we  must select sample or album which  can reflect a company philosophy and image strength chapter from a lot of  subjects put  on album in sample .

C, Photography, design and printing cannot be ignored

       After the above structures "most can reflect the company strength structure" and "select closely related with the concept of the" , we also  cann`t  be relaxted forquality of  anbum pictures (products and company`s pictures) which is the basis of album. We all know that today is "Intuitive viewing pictures" era, many occasions  used  visual picture to illustrate problems or reflect the actual conditions, and that words only  be a  auxiliary . In a such  time , we must pay a great attention on photograph and design  , use professional photographer taking pictures, and  the most suitable designers to  design upper. When the design draft finished, we should  remember not oversight use in choice for paper, printing process, otherwise the hard work of  before will discounted.

  Welcomed by all sectors of electronic samples and more popular, especially foreign customers prefer to use electronic catalog browsing PDF. Communication, reading, publishing easy, color effects and better media trillion can be placed in a small number of sites available for download, or send E-MAIL directly to the customer, really saves time and effort to save money and electronic samples to provide a foreign trade enterprises kinds of international electronic display products, deep-level mining foreign buyers, reduce marketing costs geometric professional customized services. Foreign companies can get a unique electronic catalog business, one step ahead of the competition, to obtain strategic advantages of marketing and international trade success.

Ningbo Chuangyuan Advertising Design Design electronic samples, to speed up your product information to the spread of foreign buyers, reducing new product time to market and promote the international, significantly reducing your sample printing costs, saving the sales staff sample hidden delivery fees. International buyers can browse anywhere on your professional electronic catalog, and are free to use the sample in contact to provide you with information, so you wait for opportunities. You can generate the electronic catalog on CD-ROM sent in the exhibition can also send messages directly to your foreign buyer, but also on your website for international buyers ready to download. Affordable new and old customers to order. CD-ROM and CD-ROM set can be unified image of the printing company LOGO and other logos, product pictures, etc., to unify, enhance corporate image transmission.
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