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       1, "decorative" investment proportion expanded will step by step.

       As the open of the "secondary residence market ",  people in 5-10 years to move a home will appear generally, which will change" decorate once, lived a lifetime "such old ideas, people  will not put too big decorate charge to bridal chamber. As with the capacious house , income rising , people will buy more high-grade furniture, handicrafts, collection and so on , namely expand a great many of capital to indoor decoration .

       2, The design and decorate of  building will pay attention to "storage, display" space. 

       No matter future housing  is in architectural design or indoor again decorating, people will  pay attention on  the basis of storage space,then add "presentation", in order to add the culture atmosphere of household.

       3,  Furniture has been polarized .

       In the next ten years, the younger generation will still at work relatively frequent change period, so household will also not too fixed. On the choice of furniture, so it must be "muti_function, light, cheap" as well. But on the other hand, for the successful person: buying high-grade furniture  matching to extraordinary  curtilage ; second  it  can reflect a kind of individual character and culture; third is that found in practice are entertaining; Four is that still can maintain and increase their value.
       Therefore, high-grade products and nonsuch furniture also will have a certain market.

       4, All-round development and application of new type building adornment materials  .

       A plastic steel material of high intensity and small proportion , make the household "partition" become more flexible, with this material making the push-pull folding "partition" will be more used in kitchen and dining-room, bedroom and sitting room between.

       5, "demand" is "reasonable and feasible". 

       As people`s living standard arise, housing area tend to be large, original little space housing will gradually get issuance and redecorating.

       In residential construction, it will increasingly using reinforced concrete frame structure, and advanced design of "a unit to a big space" ,will interior space changes created good condition for future.


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